The Mountain Stands is a children’s book about
the wild places that serve as a constant touch point
for kids during their changing lives.

As things happen in our world that we can’t control (especially now), the Mountain still stands. We (kids & adults) are facing lots of unknowns, but there is a comfort and a sense of perspective that the Mountain can offer.

AMY AND JEREMY SHELLHORN wrote this together on family trips back home from the mountains and it is based on the places and animals that they have seen with their kids while traveling to national parks.

Our book was designed with kids and reading with kids in mind. It’s big enough to see our vibrant full-color illustrations in your lap or as you read to a group but small enough to accommodate small hands.

The book is written using repetitive words and phrases and allow children to participate in the reading experience immediately. Hopefully this will help your readers “read” and say those repetitive phrases with you. Guessing the ending words in the book with a consistent rhythm can help your young reader build solid foundational literacy skills.


At each park Jeremy drew in his sketch book the animals they saw.

He also took photographs of the textures they touched. Rocks, Trees, Leaves, Grasses and then printed those textures on colored papers using a special printer called a Risograph. 

With piles of papers and some old outdoor magazines he used collage to make the illustrations in the book. So each illustration is up-cycled from old magazines and catalogs and features fun one of a kind textures from nature. 

Here is a how-to on how to make your own pictures using this technique at home. Video Coming Soon!


Amy and Jeremy Shellhorn are parents to two teens
who love the mountains, Cash and Ella,
and have been dragging them to play in our national parks
every summer while on their breaks from school.

AMY SHELLHORN is a former elementary classroom teacher who currently works as Parent Involvement Facilitator at Schwegler Elementary School. She loves hiking and is what they call a “lake chaser” trying to see as many alpine lakes as she can…sometimes sitting still on the shore, reading, journaling while Jeremy fishes. At school Amy loves to get books in the hands of kids and families, she helps parents connect to educational resources that give them the skills to foster a love of reading and literacy in their children’s lives.

JEREMY SHELLHORN is an award-winning designer and professor, who loves hiking and fishing tenkara in mountain streams. The resident designer at Tenkara USA, Jeremy splits his time between teaching at the University of Kansas and working on projects for the outdoor industry. As a way to engage his students in the outdoors while helping our parks, he started the Design Outside studio in 2013, where he and his talented students work in and with the parks on visual communication design projects they need help with. They even designed the National Park Typeface.

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The Book is 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide and is 32 pages long. Full color on high quality uncoated paper.